Premium Package (Post Natal + Slimming)

All package prices are NETT rate.
(GST, transportation, material and all other costing are all inclusive.)

Postnatal Premium Packages come with:
– 75 minutes of complete postnatal recovery with full body massage, application of
Postnatal herbs, slimming lotions and customize corset binding.
– Hot stone compress to improve the flow of breast milk by reducing engorgement
and blocked milk ducts issue.
– 90 minutes of slimming treatment inclusive of following procedure;
Exfoliating – Body scrubing with Body Scrub with lemon infuse natural sea salt.
Detoxification – Body wrap with Dead Sea Mud
Reduction – Wraps and specialise massage techniques to break down the fat and
cellulite for slimming purpose (Using Thermal oil and slimming massage cream)
Renewal – Application of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to promote skin

– Baby Massage tutorial to guide mothers on the techniques required.
– Baby Massage telon oil which are often use on baby, even for sensitive skin.
– Customize corset/bungkong for the maximum effect and comfort for binding

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Premium Package (Post Natal + Slimming)



*The remaining balance amount for selected sessions of massage is payable to our masseuse upon
completion of our services.
*Kindly leave your contact number within the buyer instruction for us to contact you.
*Our consultant will contact you within three working day after the payment to complete the
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